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John from Czerwik has lovingly put together an expert selection of beautiful cheeses together for you to choose to taste alongside your wine and beer selection.

The small option includes 4 x 150grams of the following cheeses:


Cave-aged gruyere – A swiss hard, nutty cheese sitting around 18 months old. This is rich and sweet with small salt crystals.

Smoked blue stilton – A real oak smoked cheese, this stilton has a powerful smoky flavour, rich almost like chocolate and the smokiness takes away any of the harsh salty edge.

Munster – A washed rind soft cheese. The Munster is a tad smelly but has a beautifully rich, sweet, milky flavour. It works particularly well with lighter ales.

Honey goats log. This is a game-changer! A soft almost cream cheese-like texture, really fresh and minerally with added honey which sweetens it up perfectly. It doesn’t have that soapy flavour most people associate with goats cheese.


Please note that cheese boards consist of 4,6 or 8 individual 150g cheeses and do not include any extras such as olives, meats, crackers or chutneys. We are looking to expand our range soon. 


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