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Following a successful career as a Purchasing Manager, I decided that life made me really unhappy… and that is an understatement. Life is too short to do something that makes you sad. So I quit my safe corporate career in December 2018. At that point, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I dabbled in a few directions but quickly realised where my passion is. Great Beer! I offered to help a friend out and look after his bar whilst he went away for a few weeks. I had a crash course in cellar management and line cleaning. At which point I was hooked. I had finally found my passion in life, or rather work. I decided I wanted to do it for myself. 


Michelle and I started to plan our future. After a reasonable amount of ‘testing’ and visiting micropubs (for ‘research purposes, obviously!), The vision for ‘The Crafty Fox’ was born (name thanks to a fellow beer lover and Father-in-law PH). We both don’t like being in traditional pubs, you know the types, Carling, Fosters and John Smiths on tap, gaming machines, carpets everywhere and decor that is supposed to be comfortable and stylish wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of 30-Minute Makeover. 


I have successfully managed the busy Holmfirth restaurant Piccalino’s for the past two years. I am now looking forward to a new challenge and plan to bring all of the hospitality experience I have gathered to join my Dad in his new venture. 



I have been working in various positions including running my own marketing business. I support clients to get the best out of their online experience and I am responsible for all things marketing at The Crafty Fox. I’m also a gigging musician. Playing acoustic guitar and singing covers ranging from the 90s onwards. You might see me singing at the Crafty Fox now and again! 


This is probably the position you will see me in after you have been here for a while. But when you first arrive I will likely greet you, like you are my best friend. I literally love everyone and would like it if everyone was my mate.  I can do tricks and I like snacks if you have any…. please?

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